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July 09, 2012


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, they're perfect for arnoud-town kid-hauling/grocery-getting, etc. I put some platform-BMX-type pedals on, though the Madsen's stock pedals are also quite wide and a great platform pedal, I just thought I'd put these on. I may move to the SKS grip king, but we'll see. And the grips are just some I had lying arnoud and like the look of . It's a great ride. Can't wait to get back to Seattle and borrow it back from Car Free Days. In terms of the Madsen's stock saddle/bars/pedals, it really is just a matter of personal preference. I like the wider Brooks B67 saddle, which I use on some other cargo bikes, so I went with that here. The standard saddle may be preferred by some, it just depends what you're used to and what you like to ride. Because I went for the more upright riding position, I like the wider saddle. If I were using this bike as a bike messenger, for example, and racing arnoud town a little more, and/or preferred a narrower saddle, the stock one would be just fine. I think Madsen's designers were wise to spec the bike with the saddle, bars, and pedals they did: they're good choices, but easily swapped out if someone prefers.

I have been riding on the back of my hsubands motorcycle for 28 years and now I am a relatively new rider and have progressed from a scooter to a motorcycle. I have had so many zen moments in my scooter and motorcycle. I am now wondering why the heck I waited so long to be the one in front driving?! Motorcycling is better than (I will let you fill in the blanks)

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