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November 17, 2010


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Congrats to Leah! What a neat story. I am only a little jealous. :)

Looking forward to some photos of the Madsen with some precious cargo. Congratulations!

Leah is my daughter in-law and she is wonderful. I'm so excited for her to have this bike. Her and Charlie will be able to cruse the streets. Prince Charlie will just love it. He is such a diva dog. Thank you for the computer that pulled her name out. Love it. Mom Stone

Congratulations, Leah. I don't know you, but after reading your story I'm glad you won!

You're right... I'm glad she won! Congrats on your sweet ride, Leah.

Congratulations! I am soo excited for the both of you!

that's wonderful! Congratulations Leah!

I am so happy she won! Congrats to her and what a wonderful way to make her holidays special!

Awesome story!! yay!

congratulations leah (and charlie)! enjoy your bike!

what an awesome story! i want to see pics of leah and charlie with the wind in their hair on their new bike :)

Congratulations, Leah! Here's wishing you and Charlie many happy rides on your Madsen bike.

Congratulations to Lean...I'm so glad that she did win! Thanks for sharing her story with us as well. Fondly, Roberta

Oh wow!! What a fabulous story!! I am so happy this bike is going to Leah and Charlie!! It was meant to be! :)

Congratulations to Leah...I so happy for you, but also extremely jealous. I also entered the contest with a link back from my cycling blog....and I wanted one so bad.

I've got it on my wish list and will find a way to get one.


Absolutely wonderful win LEah ! CONGRATS!
EnJOY !!

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