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October 13, 2010


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I love these bikes!

My library, grocery store, coffee shop... basically my whole town needs me to ride this all over it! ;)

Oh how I would love a bike. Especially this bike.

It would make riding the bike to school with the kids much easier...just throw the books, backpacks and lunches into the cargo. So cool!

Oh, I would LOVE to have that bike!! I have three small children and a short legged mini dachshund! :) Oh, the places we'd go!!

I would absolutely love this bike! It would make biking everywhere so much easier! Unfortunately I can't afford it at the moment so I would LOVE to win it in this contest!

I'm a bicycling grandma and this bike would be so awesome so that I could take even the smallest child with me. As it is now I regrettably have to leave the youngest behind until they are old enough to ride with the rest of us. I'm hoping for a lucky day!

I'm a young mom who stays home all day since my husband takes our only car to work and school. How I need a Madsen BIKE!!! I would ride to the Provo library, to the grocery store, to BYU campus to check out the MOA, to the creamery to get a treat, and you name it I'll ride it there! This would make my day, you have no idea! Please, please, please!!!

put a link on my blog to enter the contest and tweeted about you too. i love these bikes and would love to own one.

I would love to win this bike. We live a few blocks from all of the stores it would be nice to haul this bike around instead of driving a car. Winning would be great!

As an over 50 grandmother raising 3 grandchildren who all have bikes and I had recent back surgery, I would love to win something this comfortable!

love this bike!!!

Interesting bike for sure !
Why not allow France to enter the contest ?
Please ;-)

You are on my blog! Can't wait to see who wins the bike!

Got my bike today!!!! Super excited!!! THANK YOU!

I am officially in love with this bike! As a stay at home to two girls AND a dog, this bike is perfect for us! Running now to post a link/pic to my site!


I officially am in the th ehunt for a cargo bike and this is exactly what i want! I'm off to put links on my web page now!


I love this bike so much !!! It would be a dream come true to win this! I have you linked to my blog and I will also add you to my Twitter.

giveaway posted today for BLUE Monday!
enjoy & thx for the offer!

Okay...I've posted the giveaway on my blog's sidebar and on twitter so I'm guessing here is where we officially enter and tell you ;)

reposted the blue monday at my posterous blog as well ! every little helps..

Great bikes!! You should transport them to the Netherland! We've got the bakfiets over here (http://www.babboe.nl/?gclid=CIXy05fjgaUCFUY-3godoyhhQA) But this one will be loved too. And than I can buy one too ;-)

I kneed this bike simply to be cooler. I know...I know.

Heck yes!! I want one of these awesome bikes!!! Thanks for the contest. :)

On my blog. Pick me :)

Pick ME!!! Want to own one but I can't afford it! Would love to win it though!

Fabulous bikes. Can't wait to find out the winner.


On my blog hope I win!

I want one...I want one...I want one....or two or three or four. :)


I entered this and am really crossing my fingers! I had a good time blogging about your awesome bikes as well! http://livingthescream.com/?p=1156

Thank you for the opportunity!

Thanks for the chance posted it on my Facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1276652711

Would love this bike to do little deliveries in my hood and haul all my yoga mats to the park for class! Oh please!

I would love this bike. I have ankle problems and have a hard time going on long walks but with this bike I could get back out and enjoy nature and my 4 yr old would love riding along in the back.

This bike IS my dream come true! http://t.co/9GToqEv

This is awesome! I have three kids ages 4, 3, and 2...I think they'd just about fit!!!


I have the link on the main page of my site!

Great, great bike! This is such a great bike! :)

this is a work of art!reminds me of my mom's old Raleigh. Classy! i love the more upright position, beefy seat and thicker tires! I NEED one!!!!
on my blog and facebook...(fingers crossed!

Sweet! I am pumped! I posted it on my blog. Good Luck!

I keep waiting for my "you're the winner" e-mail. I hope it arrives soon : ) these bikes are seriously rockin'. What I wouldn't give to ride my three little men and dog around in the blue bike of bliss!

I've added the link to my site--what a SWEET bike! We're in a big cycling community here in California, and no one has anything as cool as this. My hubby rides to work everyday on his bike--what a sweet bike for me and our 3 cuties!

I wish... I had never seen this bike. It's not something I can afford but hey, dreams are free - right? :) I'm posting on my blog!

facebook posting counts right?

I've never won a contest before but I've been admiring this unique, fun-lookin' bike for three years, saving my pennies for it (problem is it takes tons of pennies) (literally tons). I live in Washington state. Where's the nearest vender so I can go look at one in person?

My birthday is November 18th, so I'm hoping my birthday wish comes true and I am the lucky winner! What a fun bike. I live in Texas and have never heard of them or seen them until I ran across the link on a blog. My fingers are crossed!

I'm so excited about this bike! I posted about the bike and contest on my blog!

I went out to run some errands with my bike, baby seat, and tralier hopefully for the last time....

The Suspense is Killing me! I know I won!!! ;) Wishful thinking, right?

Pick me!!!

Gosh Who did win?

A N T I C I P A T I O N - It's killin me too! I've checked all day!

I thought it would be announced today ?

My heart is skipping beats !!!

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