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October 13, 2009


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Very inspiring. I'd love to ride one of your bikes if they were available in Greece.

It would be so much fun caring our kids and riding these kind of bicycles.I can't stop myself from imagining the entire thing.

I'm a new madsen owner and struggling a bit with how to get it to work with my kids. The seats are pretty high in the bucket so much of their bodies are exposed and the floor is such that they can't sit down low. Is there a forum where madsen owners can talk to one another about what they did to make it work? I don't want to reinvent the wheel if other's have already done the work!


We just put them on the seats and buckle them up. I've found that the seat belts can be wriggled loose, so I just tie a knot to ensure it won't get any looser. As far as them being exposed, I don't imagine it's too dangerous or anything. My two-year-old has been riding in it for over a year (well, she'll be three in October) and she LOVES it!

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