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August 20, 2009


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My favorite color is blue! Thanks for the giveaway!!


Thank you Thank you for this awesome goodie bag!!!!!!

Blue is best...love that t-shirt!

Black for me! Great bikes.

I ride the black. Love it.

blue bike. black T.

blue is best! thanks for the giveaway!

rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

I was thinking blue, but now it's black. Definitely black. Hooray for Madsen giveways!

My favorite color is the black. These bikes look awesome!


What a cool giveaway! I'm totally in love with your bicycles. I can picture my chocolate lab riding happily in the bucket!

Duh! I forgot - my favorite color is absolutely the blue.

definitely a fan of the blue...


Blue. Red would be cool but then it might have a pink tub and I'm not so sure about that...

Blue is the best by far...too hot for black. Thank for turning me on to your work!!

I do like the blue version of the bike. Although the black is sleek looking too. :)

Now if only I could afford one.

I don't typically like the color blue. BUT, the Madsen blue is amazing. I am saving birthday $, anniversary $, etc... to buy myself a bike. Can't wait to ride the Chicago lake front and see everyone stare!

I love the blue----it is such a pretty color!!!

I love the blue- particularly when I'm riding in the bucket.

Cream! I saw a Madsen the other day and I about cried. I wanted it so bad.

Blue. I wish I had the money for one.

I definitely like the blue the best.

The blue is my favorite; less utilitarian looking than the other two colors.

LOVE the blue bike- its my favorite color

goodies for me please!

I still dream about the blue one! Considering we're now expecting a third baby, in a year or so I'm hoping to actually get one of these :)

Love the black one, thanks for doing this.

My favorite Maddsen color is black!

Black. It goes with everything.

Blue for me!!!

Black please!

Blue all the way!!

This is so freakin sweet! Thanks for doing giveaways!

and, also, blue blue blue blue blue!

I'm saving for a black one!

Cream and love, love, love your bikes!! I hope my husband buys me one considering his bike was $8500.00 this is a bargain!!

I love the black... So classy.

Love the blue best.

I would love to have the Black!!

Black is the new black.


Oh my goodness! I love the blue and the cream, but the black is nice too! I have an almost 3 year old with cerebral palsy, and I dream of tossing him in there and showing him what it feels like to ride a bike...! Saving all my pennies for now! :)

Black is the only way to go. Thanks for the contest

I gotta admit, even as a guy, I like the Cream best.

Awesome giveaway!

Awesome giveaway! Blue is my fav!

The Blue is my favourite but the cream is a close second

Blue is totally my favorite! So sleek and stylish and not too girly for my husband to ride either (he says that's important). I love your bike's! Can't come close to affording one at this time b/c I'm out of work. Applying at one place today though! Who knows, maybe by next summer we can manage one. It's at the top of my wish list!

I can't decide if I like Blue or Creme better. One screams "hip-urban white-pant wearing girl" and the other is just plain "cool"

I definitely dig the blue the most!

I love the blue. It's so calming and sweet. You know, for a bike. :)

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