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August 26, 2009


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When does this giveaway end?

I alrady put the banner on my blog. I really dream with one MADSEN, so... tanks tanks... I have hope. Im in Mexico now, but next month I'll be back in the United States, so I can win rigth? please go an click http://mudez.blogspot.com ;)

oh. my. goodness. I am dying to win a madsen! I tried hard last time, but this time you won't even know what hit ya. But seriously, what could be better than telling all my family and friends about your sweet bikes, I suspect one day they'll be as popular as cars, okay maybe not, but we can try, right?

Ohhh!! I'm *so* excited! Bring on the links... I'd love to win!

These bikes are amazing! I've got the new banner and I'm ready to win. The girls would love to ride around town in this.

I don't have a website, blog OR Twitter account! Do I get an entry for joining the Facebook page?

I can just picture everyone in the neighbourhood with their Madsen Cycles. I can dream can't I?

I posted on twitter @bffoodie

bffoodie We can all bike to school/work. Urban utility bicycles: MADSEN launches a WEEKLY bike giveaway - http://shar.es/SLaL

(I also have you featured in my upcoming adventures in eco parenting article over at the Family Groove for September)

Gah!! Y'all rock the house! I love it. Putting the banners back up on my sites and going to twitter up a storm. Wonder if I can win by sheer force of will...

I LOVE these Cycles and would love to win! They are just adorable!

I subscribed.

Tweeted about it @cyndihenry

posted about it on my blog~ http://colorfulheartphotography.com/theblog

And also posted about it on FB.

I sure hope I win, hint hint :)


@Katie - joining the email list gets you in the drawing each week, and no website required. :)

These bikes are amazing!

follow u on twitter and tweeted @momsfocus

I love these bikes and would go crazy - in a good way - if i won one. I just want to make sure now that i am following you on Twitter that i am automatically entered or do I have to do anything else?

Following on Twitter gains you 1 entry, yes. So does tweeting about us (see the contest page for help with that), so does linking from your site/blog. So does joining our email list. Lots of ways to get your name in the hat.

We are hoping to win! Check out http://bobspace.org

We also have a link for the affiliate program.

Me! Pick me!

Just updated the banner on my blog, hope to be toodling around Hartford in one of these soon (hint hint Pick Me, Pick Me!)!!

OMG! How exciting! I heart MADSEN cycles!!!
@LaMamaNaturale on twitter
banner on blog www.recycleyourday.com
I'm subscribed

army vet needs wheels

what a great contest...i might really have a chance to own one of these beauties.

Sounds like fun to me.

I am following you on Twitter : Vergingon40

Yea I need a bike to keep up with my boys!!!

i love these! i want one, really, really bad :) this would cease my endless complaining of carrying too much from the grocery store, not having enough room for all the books from library, etc.

i've seen these before in calif., a good way to get around and get exercise too

Would love one to get my three little guys around town! Haven't seen one here in West Los Angeles yet. We would cause quite a stir!
Posted a link and banner on FB!

Count me in for 08/29/09 :)

ktgonyea at gmail.com

Different bike.

Hubby and I are all over this! Thanks guys!

I am following on twitter, am a fan on facebook and did a blog post as well as added the banner! I NEED A MADSEN BIKE!!!! =) pick me pick me pick me

these are the coolest bikes i have seen i follow Nie Nies blog and when i saw her blog about your bike i added it to my want/need list. I live a few miles from all the stores i shop at and i would like to stop driving my work truck around town. i will forever have my fingers crosses that i win one of these bikes.

Very interesting bike.

looks cool

Its a nice thing winning a bike weekly.

Very interesting looking bike.

Oh my gosh that is awesome!

Whoa, it appears that the competition is FIERCE this time. Well, here's to hoping. So...about that custom red bike...

ooh madsen. you make me want to procreate.

and to have a garage instead of a second story condo. ;)

ideal for around town mverno@roadrunner.com

I would love to go bike riding with my kids


ready to ride

I know that you are busy tallying up entries for the contest, but I was wondering if it would be possible to get this image in a width of 200 instead of 300. It is my favorite but its too wide for my template. If not, no big deal...love the bikes!

i need a bike with todays gas prices,pretty soon Al gore will have us all useing Rickshaws.

i want to win this

This bike looks like fun.

I have been riding my cheap $100.00 bike twice a week with my girlfriend. It would be nice to ride in style. Following on Twitter, and newsletter.


not a POS

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