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July 17, 2009


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Way to go! Thanks, Madsen.

Congrats Meegan! Off to convince hubby.... unless you have plans to add a lovely soft spring green color?

Congratulations Meegan! You have a beautiful family. Enjoy your Madsen!!! Blessings

Congrats to the winners. Guess we'll just have to hold out for a red one. ;)

Congrats to Meegan!!! I second adding a green color bike, that would be sweet!!!

Congrats to Meegan AND Stephanie! xoxoxo

Welcome to the MADSEN family, folks!

Lucky girl! Wish it had been me though! :-)

Congrats! I hope they get a lot of use out of their fantastic bike!

Congratulations Meegan! What fun you shall have!
Thanks MADSEN, what a very generous giveaway and what a fun way to introduce others to the joy of a MADSEN.

well congrats to meegan and thanks for your generosity! does that mean i am still hanging in there? hoping and waiting? hurrah!

congratulations!!! what an awesome thing to win :O)

Lucky Meegan! What a fun (and yet useful) prize!

Another vote for green - or orange.

Congratulations Megan! I'm jealous and I know you will LOVE your new bike!

I'd love to send you some traffic & enter the giveaways listed above. Are these giveaways still current? If so, what is the deadline?

Thanks for the great bike prize - I can't wait to get it. I'm so excited! And thanks everyone for the well wishes - we will definitely enjoy and get great use out of our new bike!

Ok, I just saw you guys on the Nie Nie Blog, and I LOVE THIS BIKE!!!!!! What a GREAT idea!!!!! I wish I could buy one for the fam, but our $$ tree died, and I'm waiting to plant a new one ;) I'll keep checking back for your next give a way. BUt Congrats to you guys for such a cool idea!

Hey Madsens just found you through the Nie Nie Blog. When I saw the name "Madsen" I wondered to myself could this be the same Madsens we know! And sure enough! How cool! Way to go guys. I'm impressed. Now we'll have to save our money. We've got four kiddos we could cart around!

the Westons! (Judi and Ben)

Just missed the sale too. Darnit!

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