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July 15, 2009


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Hurray!! I am so glad that Stephanie won!! That is so exciting. It is perfect for her.

Woo-hoo! Congrats Stephanie!! I found out about the Madsen contest through you! Have fun riding on your new ride! =)


Congrats to Stephanie! Have fun riding your Madsen! :) Blessings!

Congrats to Stephanie! She deserves a little luxury cruising with the kidlets! :0)

That is SO exciting... congrats, Stephanie!

hooray! Congrats! I wonder what color she'll pick.

Congrats to Nie! She definitely deserves it!

If anyone deserves this, it's definitely Nie!

i'll be happy to take the other one!!! please please please!

Congrats to Stephanie! I am sure her family will have a ton of fun with this new bike.

I am so happy for Stephanie, she deserves this bicycle, yay!!!!

Oh, the best woman most certainly won.

That's pretty suspect, seeing how Stephanie pretty much lives in the same city as you. I do hope you guys did a random pick. Congrats to the winner if you did pick her randomly.

I am so happy Stephanie won. I have been secretly hoping all along that she would win.

I cannot think of anyone better to have won the bike. Congratulations, Stephanie!!

Congrats Stephanie!!!!

I thought it didn't matter how much traffic you sent, as long as you attached a link to your blog you were qualified. The blog says otherwise.

Excellent! Great job you guys, and Congrats to the Winners! I'm looking forward to checking out a Madsen up close very soon!

Thanks again for a cool and fun contest!

Awesome for Stephanie!! She deserves it!! Congrats!

I am so happy for stephanie! She is probably the most deserving person and I know it will do a lot for her spirit right about now. Prayers answered.

she deserves it! what a sweetie.....
her kiddos will look darling in the back....love her redhead.....

I follow Stephanie's blog and am soooo happy she won the cargo bike! Good things should happen to good people!! Yay to this beautiful, sweet family!!

I'm so happy to hear Nie is one of the winners. She deserves this soooo much!

Glad Nie won, very cool. When's your next giveaway? I love your bikes!

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