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June 13, 2009


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helmets might be a good idea though. for all.

Ok I really want a Madsen Cycle now. I've just embarqed on my weight loss quest which I thought might be hard with 4 kids. I mean the weather is just right and this fills in the blanks for me. This mommy makes that look so easy and she has three. She really makes me feel like I can do this!!

I agree with the comment above. Helmets for ALL! They seem to be lacking in most of the "who rides a MADSEN" posts. Sometimes the kids are wearing them. I hear the happy youtube tunes ending suddenly as the driver hits a rock...

The first thing that came to mind as I watched this is how horrible it would be to wipe out with no helmets on. Definitely wear a helmet. Aside from that, I love this bike and REALLY want one. Its a hefty price tag, but if it's your main mode of transportation, it's not a bad price!

If Madsen is going to post videos of customers riding the bikes, they need to promote bicycle safety first and foremost. No helmets on people, no posting! This is irresponsible and inexcusable of the Madsen company.

'Bad Moon Rising'? Seriously? With that music, I was expecting them to ride over a land mine at the end or something. Something with 'fa la la la love' in the lyrics might work better than something with 'hope you are quite prepared to die'. Just sayin... Let me know if you'd like some help picking songs for your next vid :-D

i couldn't help but think of the scene in Bruno when he pulled out into traffic with the baby... i kind of cringed when she took off into the street!

Oh I loved it and I thought the music was great !! I posted on facebook for my hubby and friends to see.

If biking with family is about increasing your freedom, why are some people trying to impose their ideas onto someone they (probably) haven't met? Since helmet laws are very local, she might not be breaking the law and if the mother knows her abilities and trusts her instinct to keep her children safe, what place does anyone else have telling her what's best for her children. There are so many issues with carrying children on your bike and they must all be addressed by the parent and their local bicycle laws.
That said, it's a great example of how easy the KG271 is to ride and load. The video does a poor job of showing what the kid's feet are doing cramped up in the bottom of the bucket, however.

She's cute indeed, got to admit she's even better than me!!

Wonderful blog, cool video! I totally agree Medela, she's cute!

I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for a wonderful job!

This sure looks like you can keep can carry your baby in it and shop around.

All am just gonna say is keep up the good work... I spend 60% of my time reading blogs, and i find most of your posts brilliant

Insist on a campaign day.

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