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April 21, 2009


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I love it! I just put the big button on my blog. I wrote a post about my bike decision-making process last week, and I have decided to save money to buy a Madsen. I have been prattling on obsessively to anyone who will listen about HOW COOL your bikes are, so glad to spread the word online too.

Thanks Katie! Great post.

Woohoo, awesome! I can't wait to get started!

I placed your button on my blog. I'm loving your bikes.

Seriously!! Best giveaway ever--- I have every finger and toe crossed. These bikes are so great!! (and bikes already outnumber people where I live at 6:2) yikes!

I'm in! I wonder how many people we're competing with!! :)

Awesome! I totally linked you guys. This is great!

Great bike! I would love one!! I linked both of my blogs to your bikes!

Count me in! How fitting - my son's name is Madsen. :) You're on my blog!

i SO want this bike ... i've blogged and tweeted ... facebook later ... pinky swear ...
and i promise that i will buy a matching skirt if i win.
what a cool concept.

WOWOWOWOWOW I so need one. I can already see my little one in it :) Adding to my blog + twitting about it right now!

So cool. Count me in!

BOOOOO!!!! What about Canadians, eh? ;)
We need contests too!

These bikes are awesome! Adding to my blog asap.

Hoping to win this YUMMY little bike...I would be in heaven with my sweet babies in tow if I won this wonderful bike. Thanks for giving back! I have posted on my blog and will be writing a post about this awesome piece of work. I would love to test drive on of these. I am in love...I know what I want for my BIRTHDAY!

This is the coolest bike EVER! I too put a little button on my blog!

Just linked it!!! Love your bikes !!

Nice bike. Nice website.
I am joining you on twitter.

However many visual informations are missing.
Are the kids sitting on something?
How much stuff (visualy) can you put in?
How is the inside of the bucket?
What is the maximum charge for the bucket? for the bike? Etc.
Make a better gallery!

I really like your bike and i've mentioned it in my blog...
If you want to have a look on it:
Have a nice day!

I can't use the text link on facebook. ??

I am so in on this! What a sweet ride....Pick Me! Pick Me! 8) I would so love to have one....I'll be saving for years if I don't get picked....

I tweeted:


And I have your Link on my site:


linked! =)

My blog post entitled "Moving by Bicycle" has gone viral. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, BikeHacks.com, Urban Utility Bicycles blog. Mass exposure of the Madsen Utility Bicycle is a worthy cause! Read my original post (and vote) here: http://ultralightbackpacking.blogspot.com/2009/06/moving-by-bicycle.html

So very exciting of a contest. I want to win! I want to win! Two people will be so very lucky. The Madsen is the very best bicycle in the world!!! Blessings to you!!!!!!

My blog post I Want to Win a Blue Madsen Cycle


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