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April 03, 2009


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Nice horizontal dropouts. Singlespeed + coaster brake is a nice simple efficent design. What gear ratio are you thinking?

Why not simply have Wideloader style bars across the base, then let your developing (or developed) nation customers hook or strap any kind of container they want to it? The Madsen would have stonger bars than any other bike because of the cornucopia of screw-in points and kickstand plates to attach them to. It would also be lower than Yuba's and Big Dummy because of the smaller wheel. Think outside the bucket!

Your inventiveness and design truly stand out - Wright Brothers level of genius comes to my mind. Outstanding. These bikes are history in the making.
Your Precious Cargo bike in the blue, my favorite, is the perfect ride for mothers with little ones. Good for fun, health, and our planet. The ultimate eco-friendly ride.

I think it would be great to have a bike for the U.S. with a simplified drive train to cut down on the price. I'd love one of these to take my kids to school but can't fit $1000 into my budget.

You could probably source your baskets from Africa. One, you help someone start a business to support a family or a village. Two, you wouldn't have to ship them for in-Africa use. There are a couple of different organizations and non-profits that could benefit from a colaboration like this.
here is one that I am involved in.

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