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March 23, 2009


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I was curious about "stoking" our MADSEN, but didn't think I saw a spot on the frame with enough clearance. I hope Aaron can make it work!

Some of the ebike conversion kits look quite feasible - 26" front wheel kits with batteries in the bucket seem like a balanced way to go. 20" hub drive kits exist, which I think might give some nice low-end oomph, but it would be putting a lot of weight in the back of the bike to go that route.

I will confess to thinking about electric enhancements of our MADSEN, and my wife is unabashedly into it. If our finances ever permit, we may give it a shot.

We looked at the Stoke Monkey with Aaron in his shop, and it looks like it fits nice and snug down low, just behind the crank, behind the seat tube. We agree with the battery pack mounted in the bucket and that it would be out of the way of kids/cargo. It is quite a financial endeavor to electrify cargo bikes, but once you accomplish it - let's be honest - where do you go from there?!?!? Maybe a solar panel trailer to re-charge the stoke while the bike is parked ;)

I have a Madsen bucket and I tried a regular hub motor but returned it b/c it felt like riding in quicksand when the throttle wasn't on. Something about the hub didn't coast very well. Too much resistance.

Any word on the stoke monkey set up? I'd be willing to give it a try!

I stopped by Aaron's Bicycle Repair this last week, as my family is EXCEEDINGLY interested in a Madsen. But, the rainy season is beginning up here, and the thought of carting my 3 youngins around in the rain, without a hood, isn't very appealing. They didn't have any rain hoods at Aaron's, and said that they've never been available to sell. Can they be purchased from you all? It's a bit of a necessity in Seattle, in the fall/winter. Last year, we lived carfree for 3 months, but gave up around December when it was cold, and rainy. Walking 3 miles, 4 days per week, in the cold rain sucked. We tried it one week, then promptly gave up. I think with a rain hood on a cargo bike, the carfree lifestyle could be doable again. Thanks!

The idea of urban utility bicycles shared in this post seems very interesting and a excellent thing.I'm sure its gone a be a great support for all the vendor.

There was a serious dearth of high-ticket bikes on display, but in their place was a generous helping of simple bikes made for moving people around town. Every company had a strong sampling of simple, practical bikes filling the majority of their display space with a couple carbon wonders thrown in for eye candy

Stoked Madsen:


Fits fine and works great!

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