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November 23, 2008


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COOL post ... I've been wondering how you wound up with the bin in the back. Love the office chairs. And yes, my 5'1" wife likes the ride as well.

Is that a chain idler bracket in the earlier prototypes? I might vote for bringing that back, or going with a Nexus 8 or other internally geared hub.

The DNA goes way back!

Here is someond with a similar idea:

brilliant. I'm in love with your bikes. I plan on winning one in July ;)

If not, it's time to start saving my birthday money :)

Good luck in the future, this is so cool. Wish you all the success.

crazy bikes i love to have one of those so i can do some crazy moves yeah ...thanks

This bike would be a great addition to the garage of someone who lives within riding distance of a local downtown area. In the morning he or she could take the children, it can hold as many as four, to school and then stock up on groceries and run errands. If used enough, the money saved on gas would eventually even out the price tag, plus the environmental impact of one less car being driven less than five miles at a clip is worth noting.

Any chance you could post pix of people using this who are wearing helmets? I'd love to show it on my blog as an example of a utility bike, but I'm not going to show people without helmets, which are required by a local ordinance.
Co-chair, Bike to Work Spokane

I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this blog. It's great to see the prototype Madsen cycle photos!

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